Valentine’s Night Dive at Old Port Pier

I’m trying to make a Valentine’s night dive a tradition, so last night, for the second year in a row I and two other divers headed out to Old Port Pier to spend some quality time with our love, the ocean. 

What’s more romantic than a bouquet of kelp around your ankles while sea lions serenade you in the moonlight? 

Conditions were perfect–except visibility. There was so much silt I could barely see my own flashlight in the water. After just 20 or so minutes in the water, we surfaced, decided to call it quits, swam back to the pier and climbed back up the slippery barnacle-laden ladder. 

But any chance to get wet is a good one! That’s diving on the central coast; it’s a little hit or miss. 


Dive Stats: 

Location: Old Port Pier

Time: 9:10 p.m. 

Depth: 23 ft. 

Bottom Time: 14 mins. 

Temperature: 57° F


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