6 reasons SLO beats a big city

1. Friendly faces on the public transportation.

no shoving, pickpockets, or dirty talking. No gypsies or homeless trying to win your pity, leaning in your face asking for money. The worst you’ll find on the transportation here is a grumpy bus driver.

2. Seeing the stars at night (no, I’m not talking about Hollywood Blvd.)

If I look out my window on a clear night, the sky is ornamented with tiny twinkling constellations. Trip up the steps in the Paris metro and you might see stars too. But let’s face it– it’s pretty cool to live in a place where the Big Dipper greets you every time the sun goes down.

3. All that green.

Hills, grass, flowers, and beautiful parks. No, not central park. Not Golden Gate. Not even Griffith. I’m talking the national parks that run all along the central coast surrounding SLO. Montana de Oro, Los Osos Reserve, and Big Sur. Now there’s a place to do your morning jog.

4. Not having to pay a $20 cover charge at the bars and clubs.

Clubbing in Hollywood is not cheap. DV8 and Highlands charge at least $20 just to get in, let alone sky high prices on watered down drinks. Exchange dollars to euros in Paris and your weekend outings are costing more than that deposit on your 10×12 ft. apartment above the karaoke bar.

5. Quiet nights

Living in a city, I got used to the nightly humdrum of police sirens, car alarms, loud music from the nightclubs, and construction outside. My first night back in SLO, it was so quiet I could literally hear crickets. I’ve grown to appreciate the tranquil nights here and the occasional coyotes- instead of falling asleep to fire trucks and waking up to construction workers. For those of you that think drunk college students are a nuisance at night, try living above a karaoke bar for four months.

6. There’s always a private beach waiting for you

Look for any beach along the West side of LA- littered with trash and crowds of tourists. Go to Spooner’s Cove here, and the most company you’ll find is a hungry seagull and a family picnic. Shell and Avila beaches are really the only beaches that get crowded– so take those popular days and find a different beach- Pirate’s Cove  perhaps?

7. where else can you take it SLO?

Love where you live, because you can’t find a place like this anywhere else.