A list of Catalina Musts

Recently I spent a weekend with some of the most rad people ever- Scuba Club- on Catalina Island.

I’ve already shared with you pictures from catalina island, but i’ve yet to divulge all of the secret (and not so secret) must-do activities while visiting Avalon, Catalina.

Before I do, here’s how you get to the island: pick a date and reserve a spot on the Catalina Express either out of Long Beach or San Pedro. Then mark your calendar and get REALLY excited. In between that and boarding the ferry, take a motion sickness pill- just in case.

If you’re planning on staying more than a day-trip’s worth, I recommend  hotel La Paloma Las Flores. Quaint, relatively inexpensive, and located in the heart of Avalon. Or skip the hotel and get a spot at the campgrounds!

For divers, there is a tank fill truck right at the dive park- Catalina Divers. There is also ScubaLuv in Avalon. Both charge $7 per tank fill.

So, now that you’re on the island, here’s a list you can start experiencing for yourself.

1. hike to Wrigley Memorial- $0

2. find the pet cemetery- $0

3. dive the dive park- and while you’re there, find the Jacques Cousteau and memorial plaques and the sunken glass-bottom boat – $7 tank fill

4. get Big-Olaf’s ice-cream. – $4

5. freedive/ snorkel Lover’s Cove – $0 (if you bring your own mask, snorkel and fins. Otherwise you can rent them right at Lover’s)

6. go on a night dive at the dive park and shut off your dive light for a minute at the bottom to see the bioluminescence -$ 7 tank fill

7. search for buffalo – $0

8. rent a tandem bike with a friend and cruise around town for an hour – $10

9. scuba at Descanso Beach – $7 tank fill

10. go to VONS, get some fixings and have a picnic on the beach – price depends on how hungry you are!

11. go inner-tubing at Descanso – $5/ hr.

12. rent some kind of boat, kayak, or paddleboard and ride around the harbor

13. dive the Valiant, just outside the dive park (get permission from harbormaster first!)- $ 7 tank fill

14. look in the harbor waters for Julia Roberts’ wedding ring

15. get Big Olaf’s again…seriously, do it. – $4


finally convinced…

I finally convince my roommate (we’ll call her L) to go hiking in SLO, and what trail does she choose to start with? Bishop’s. Gung-Ho!

Bob Jones City to The Sea Trail

Walked this path with a group of friends last week; it’s a fun, easy way to get outside. The entire path is paved and wildlife surrounds either side of the trail. It is flat the whole way, with no hills, so this walk was relaxing but still got me exercising and outside in nature.

The end of the trail also crosses through a golf course. There were people with strollers, cyclists, and others rollerblading or running, but most people I saw were simply walking the trail, enjoying the sunshine. The end of the trail also crosses through a golf course.


The trail is a mile and a half each way, going from a parking lot located near Avila Barn and opening up at Avila Beach, just before the Sea Life Center.


From SLO, we took the 101South, exited right at Avila Dr., and turned onto Ontario Rd. where signs led to the parking lot. There are bathrooms located in the parking lot, at the restaurant found about halfway into the trail, and at Avila Beach.