Native Plants of SLO County: Happy California Native Plants Week!

Happy California Native Plant Week! In celebration of this week (April 17-23)  “dedicated to the appreciation, education, and conservation of California’s fabulous landscape,” as the California Native Plant Society so beautifully puts it, here is a short snippet of some of the native plants you can find in San Luis Obispo County! Also, if you want to participate in the Native Plant Week festivities, visit the San Luis Obispo Botanic Gardens on Saturday April 22nd to learn more about native plants in garden.


photo credit: briweldon

Annual Hairgrass

photo credit:Carol W. Witham

California Poppy 

photo credit: docentjoyce

Yellow Wildflowers

taken on Madonna Mountain


Mustard Plant

Telegraph Weed

photo credit: lynnwatson

Seaside Daisy

photo credit:

Spotted Hideseed

photo credit: ron wolf

Milk Thistle

photo taken on Ontario Ridge

These are just a few of my favorites. There are thousands of native plants you can find along the Central Coast!


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