first time at SLO-OP Climbing Gym a success

Last night a friend and I decided it was about time we find our way to SLO-OP and give it a try! So we took a few buses until we reached Prado and South Higuera. We walked a little ways down Prado until we saw the gym, a little hidden, on the right side of the road. It was $10 to climb for one day, but it was totally worth it.

vB course

The gym was entirely bouldering, but there were a ton of courses to try, even for beginners. After chatting with a few of the other climbers there, my friend and I started climbing. The way the walls are set up here is really cool because once you reach the top you climb over the edge and can actually walk around on the top of the boulder. It was pretty fun! Getting down is not bad either, there is a ladder on one side and the other “boulder” has rocks on the side that form a makeshift ladder to easily climb down.

conquering a v0 course!

SLO-OP also has a slackline, so while giving my arms a rest from climbing, I played around on the slackline a bit. So fun!

We only completed two courses, a vB (1000 pts) and a v0 (1200 pts), but I cannot wait to go back and work on all the other courses we tried! I’ve found that rock climbing is quite the addicting sport, and I’m definitely hooked.