a fine afternoon at Olde Port Beach…

Yesterday’s weather was a perfect balmy 80 degrees or so outside. I opened my door and decided right then that it was absolutely necessary to get to the beach.

So I grabbed the necessities– my swimsuit, a towel, sunscreen, a few friends, a frisbee and a camera–and headed straight to Avila.

We parked along the road across from Olde Port Beach in Avila, where we walked down a boat loading ramp to get to the warm sand. A Sunday afternoon with friends, sun, sand, and surf– could you ask for anything more?

beautiful day for the beach!

We soaked up the sun and relaxed on our towels  with our toes in the sand for a little while before sprinting to the water’s edge. Each of us dipped a toe in to “test” the water before going in. I always find that funny when people touch the water to see how cold it is. It’s like we’re all just making sure that we didn’t suddenly end up in the warm water Bahamas. We live on the central coast. The water is always cold. No problem for us though; we stayed warm by throwing a frisbee around in the water.

playing frisbee at avila beach

I like Olde Port Beach a lot because it is never as crowded as Avila Beach and has fire pits so that you can have barbeque dinners or late-night bonfires.

It is also a spot frequented by kayakers and swimmers. By swimmers I mean both people and dogs. Yep, this beach is dog-friendly, so don’t be surprised if a black lab jumps into the waves alongside you.

If you want to check out something cool, drive past Olde Port Beach until you reach Port San Luis Pier, or Hartford Pier, and a parking lot with dry dock boats and Fat Cats Restaurant. If you park and walk all the way to the edge, past the boats, you will find yourself in a geologists’ paradise amongst a wall of pillow lava. Go at low tide to get an amazing glimpse of this geological masterpiece.

Take advantage of a sunny day and go to the sandy shores of Olde Port !

Happy sun- soaking !


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