rainy day? stay inside and climb away at a rock climbing gym

The weatherman predicts rain for the upcoming week, so how is an outdoor enthusiast supposed to get their fix?

Sure, you could slodge through muddy trails until you’re soaked, or you could go to an indoor gym and bike or run in place for an hour, but let’s be honest. Neither of those sound especially appealing.

Instead, head to a rock climbing gym.

indoor rock wall

I recently reconnected with rock climbing after many years, and I had forgotten how easily it is to get lost in climbing the wall. It is a sport that requires focus and determination; a competition between you and yourself that brings inner peace. It is a challenging sport, but oh so rewarding once you reach the top. Rock climbing is also a great form of exercise, instead of jogging on that painfully boring treadmill. I woke up the next morning wonderfully sore in my entire upper body.

I did bouldering, which is a form of rock climbing without ropes. Instead, the moves are more a test of strength and flexibility over endurance. While you do not climb as high, bouldering is still a challenge worth taking on.

an experienced climber bouldering at Rocknasium

Grab a friend and give indoor climbing a try!

If you have never been climbing before, places will usually offer beginner classes to show you the ropes (literally!) After that, you can climb with anyone, beginner or advanced. When I went I was climbing pretty beginner level, but I was with an experienced climber and we still had lots of fun bouldering( climbing lower heights without a rope) together even though we climb at different difficulty grades.

Here is an example of the grading system:

rocknasium climbing grades

Up in Davis is Rocknasium, which is the largest rock climbing gym I have ever seen. The staff is friendly and there is every kind of climbing course you could think of. Seriously, you can climb on the ceiling. It also comes complete with exercise equipment on top of the walls (in case you feel like being painfully bored on an immobile bicycle.) The only way to get to the equipment? By climbing, of course.

In San Luis Obispo the most popular rock climbing gym is the SLO-OP climbing gym, or for Cal Poly students there is always the now free (including shoes, harness, and helmet) rock wall  outside of Poly Escapes in the UU.

You can do indoor rock climbing rain or shine, it’s always a good time to climb.

Happy climbing!


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