the adventures of kayaking…

The Central Coast provides an amazing kayaking experience. It is never too hot (or if it is, you can stick your toes in the cool water and instantly feel refreshed), abundant in wildlife, and offers many different locations to explore.

One easy, fun place to start your kayaking adventures is in Morro Bay. For a beginner like me, it was the perfect, calm environment to embark on my first kayaking experience.

The water was smooth and easy to navigate through in our double kayak. There were six kayaks in our group, which made for lots of friendly competition and racing to the sandspit, which sticks out through the middle of the bay. It was a fun place to stop and explore while we picnicked. Some of us ran around on the sandy beaches, and others lounged under the warm sun. There were lots of shore birds on the sandspit, and while we did not see any that day, deer and fox sightings are common there. Heading back into the water, we found ourselves in the company of sea otters and seals playing in the bay. Apparently they are used to kayakers, as one decided to swim right up to our kayak and say hello! With Morro Rock in the background and wildlife surrounding us, it was a great kayaking trip (and a great workout!)

There are lots of places in Morro Bay to rent kayaks from, but I used Sub Sea Tours and Kayaks because they seemed relatively inexpensive and accommodate groups. The kayaks are sit-on-top style, and you can rent either single ($9/ hour) or double seater ($16/ hour). If you are planning on kayaking here with a big group, check out the war canoes, which seat 4-12 people and cost $60 for two hours.

Here are some other kayak rental places in Morro Bay:

Now, don’t stop the kayaking at Morro Bay! The Central Coast has many scenic kayaking locations. Further south is Pismo Beach, Shell Beach, and Avila, where Central Coast Kayaks offers tours and kayak rentals. If you want to go further north, try Monterey Bay, which has a beautiful kayaking environment. A popular rental place in Monterey Bay is Monterey Bay Kayaks, which offers many group packages and rental choices.

If you love sunsets and want to kayak in the summer, look for evening and sunset kayaking tours offered at many of the kayak rental locations. What could be more tranquil than gliding through glassy waters as an orange sun tints the western sky a warm pink?

No matter where you decide to kayak, be sure to wear water friendly clothes, sun friendly accessories, and an environmentally friendly attitude.

Happy kayaking!


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